Feb 27, 2013

Zoo trip!

I posted recently about how badly I’ve wanted to go to the zoo…AND I FINALLY GOT TO GO! It is more than a little ridiculous that I haven’t been to the zoo in a few years because I live roughly two blocks away from it. Maybe it is because every freakin year our school took us to the Houston Zoo because it was the cheapest thing to do? Well, a few months ago I learned they made some changes. SUPER awesome changes. Sooo, I decided I REALLY wanted to go. BAD. But of course, lack of time or $$ or not being able to schedule a time with someone to go…ya know how it goes. Well, my dad texted me around 6:30 am one morning asking if I wanted to go to the zoo that weekend. Um YES. Throughout the day we made plans, I invited people, blah blah blah…then my dad cancels on me that afternoon. Not a big surprise at all. BUT I said screw it. I’m still going to the damn zoo!
Luckily, my super awesome aunt/mom wanted to go! Her grandson, Ethan had never been. Why in the world hasn’t this kid gone to the zoo at least fifteen times like I had by that age?! Let me tell you, it was hilarious when we brought that kid into the zoo. He was freaking out. FREAKING OUT. So bad that while I was carrying him and showing him the fish can’t jump out the giant water bowls they are in, I put my hands in the air and this kid was holding onto me so tight he stayed there. Like a monkey clinging to a tree. He’d say NO TOUCH! haha I was putting my hands all over the glass to show him they weren’t going to get me or come out. I even pointed out some wimpy looking kids and how they weren’t scared. He didn’t buy it. After a while, he got the hang of it. He realized those animals weren’t out to get him.
He saw a turkey and thought it was pretty cool. At least that is what I’m assuming because he stared at it for a while. The meerkats were pretty darn cute. Oh! The giraffes! I loved them. Ethan did too. He was pretty excited when we saw them. He also really liked all the fake animals way more than the real animals. He got a kick out of the buttons you push that made the animal sounds. Crazy kid.
As you can see in the last picture, he was worn out. It was great. He’s nice when he’s sleeping!

When is the last time you’ve been to the zoo?

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Feb 21, 2013

I love polka dots.


ilovepolkadots 1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6


Do polka dots make you as happy as they make me? I swear, I can’t get enough! I picked six of my recent Pinterest finds to share with y’all. Most people are aware of my love (obsession) with polka dots. They’re just so nice! They make me feel happy and light. Look at that mustard shirt! How can you NOT be happy when you see a sun-shiny color like that?! And that peach scarf?! Freakin beautiful.


That’s me in one of my newest polka dot shirts. A huge thanks to my Grandpa Tony for getting me an Old Navy gift card. I haven’t shopped there in FOREVER. I went while I visited one of my favorite peeps in Fort Worth. Who knew Old Navy had such cute stuff?? I sure as hell didn’t. They even have accessories now! You better believe I bought a necklace AND two bracelets. I was also very tempted to buy this polka dot shirt in every color they had available…but I had some self control.

So what about you? Do you love polka dots? Or stripes? Or chevron? I’d love for you to share :)


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Feb 19, 2013

Giraffes make me smile

smiling giraffe

Look at those eyes! That super cute smile! Doesn’t this picture just make you happy?! haha It makes me happy, so I thought I’d share it with you.
I’ve REALLY been wanting to go to the Zoo, but I just haven’t had a chance to. There’s sooo much going on this time of year. I’ve been super busy with sewing and family gatherings. I had plans to go with some family, but then that didn’t happen :(  My bestie and I will hopefully make plans to take his wife and kiddos one day soon! They’ve changed it so much! According to my coworker, almost everything is different. They have more exhibits and new animals. They even have giant leaves for you to buy to FEED THE GIRAFFES! When she told me that I got REALLY excited! She took her daughter and she liked it. A giraffe wrapped it’s tongue around her tiny lil arm and she freaked out haha I think it’ll be fun :)

Oh! If you like giraffes too, you should definitely check out the ones I make. Visit my shop :)

What is your favorite animal?
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*Update* I went to the zoo this weekend!!!! I'll be sharing some pictures with y'all soon!

Feb 15, 2013

Etsy Favorites – Supplies


Time for another round of Etsy Favorites!

This week I’m going to share a few of my favorite supplies. I’ve got a running list of things I NEED to purchase from lovely Etsy shops. One thing I’ve been trying to figure out is my shop's packaging. I LOVE simple, I LOVE polka dots, and I LOVE black, white and kraft. Sooo on to the favorites…

inkkit stickers black glitter large circle stickers by INKKIT



 Hey Rubber Stamp by Sparrow Nest Script


KnotandBowTwine Black/Natural Baker's Twine by Knot & Bow


YellowHeartArtStampHandmade With a ton of Gooey Love Stamp by Yellow Heart Art


ChickyDoddleWashiTapeWashi Tape Mini Roll by Chickydoddle


Aren’t these shops AWESOME?! I really hope you take some time to check them out.

What are your favorite supplies? How do you package your items? I’d love for you to share!

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I did it!

I did it! I colored my hair! If you read this post you'll see what I used for inspiration. It isn't dramatic at all, and I was so happy with it! I was SUPER nervous, but I really do love it. You can't tell too much in the dark because it kind of just blends in with my hair, but in the sun it is RED. I haven't colored my hair since I was 15 and I probably won't for a super long time. It was just the little change I needed :) I hope you all have a great Friday!

How often do you color your hair? Have you had any AWFUL experiences with it?

Feb 8, 2013

I’m going to color my hair tomorrow!


I’ve decided.

I’m turning 25 next month and I guess I’ve just been having a mid-mid-life crisis?! ha. I’ve been thinking of making a change in my job, moving to another city, finally finishing school, etc. Since I have a couple months left on my apartment lease and not enough money saved up (okay, like none) I can’t really do the big stuff yet. Sooo, tomorrow I’m going to color my hair! I’m super nervous. I haven’t colored my hair since sophomore year in high school I think. I checked with my besties (one of which has always been picky about what I do to my hair) and they all agreed that my choice of color would look good me. Thank goodness! Although, they suggested I do the color all over even though I just want some highlights or the ombre look. I’m very low maintenance with my hair so I don’t want to deal with roots or whatever. Also, it’s expensive to keep going back to touch up color! I don’t know how some of you chicks do it!

Here’s my Pinterest pics that I’ve been saving up for inspiration:

hair 2  via


hair 3 via


hair 4 via


hair 5 via


I’m going for a dark red. We’ll see how it turns out! Do you color your hair? How often?


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Feb 5, 2013

DIY Super Easy Business Card Holder


I recently got some super awesome business cards from Moo! I heard about them from Lindsay over at Hello Hue. She has some super cute cards, so I figured I’d try them out. They’re pretty freakin great. Cute and fun and really simple! I love polka dots. Seriously LOVE polka dots. I also really love black and white. Sooo, my design is really simple but it makes me smile :) All of my fluffies are pretty bright and cheery so I like the simple design of my branding. Anywho, I really liked that they’re made out of recycled materials. Go green! I decided the lil box the cards came in could be made into a sweet business card holder! Sooo, if ya decide to check out Moo and you get some cards I suggest you grab some washi tape and have fun with it!



washi tape (mine is from Target)


kraft circles




I started by just wrapping some washi tape around the cute little box.


I grabbed my skinny Sharpie and wrote on one of the kraft circles (okay, maybe I wrote on four of them until I was happy with my handwriting).


Then I glued that sucker right on the front! I made one out of the top of the box and one out of the bottom. The one on the right is sitting on my desk at work now :) I’ll use the other whenever I need it. 


See! Told ya it was super easy. What have you made a business card holder out of?


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Feb 4, 2013

2012 Disney Family Vacation – Islands of Adventure

islands of adventure

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The final day of our Disney/Universal awesomeness was pretty awesome and pretty crappy. First, we get there when the park opens and mosey on over to the Harry Potter section so we could get the best one over with first then take our time getting to everything else. Holy crap there were a million people there already. We get to the Forbidden Journey ride and there’s already a 2 hour wait. We know it won’t get any shorter, so we stand in line. Not a huge deal. THEN this stupid kid cuts in front of us. I have no problem saying anything. I get ignored. THEN that stupid kid’s entire family joins him. My dad is not a confrontational person. He said something to them. Of course they acted like we were crazy. I don’t think they understood how much they cut in line. It wasn’t like we were the end of the line and only 5 or 6 people were behind us. There were about 50 people behind us, at least. So we got to be angry the entire time we were in line. The stupid kid even had the nerve to say that we needed to chill out (even though we weren’t being crazy at all) because we’re all getting on the same ride so it doesn’t matter. If we were all getting on the same ride and it doesn’t matter then WHY THE HELL ARE YOU CUTTING IN LINE?! My question was not answered. We ate cookies and chatted up some strangers while we waited in line for 2 hours. Then there was the hell of checking our stuff into a locker because loose items were not allowed on the ride. That was a journey in itself. We finally make it to the actual ride and it was FREAKING AMAZING. Totally worth it. So damn cool that I didn’t care about what we had to suffer through to get there. haha.

After that, we decided to get the heck outta that Harry Potter area. I couldn’t handle the amount of strangers that were touching me. We made a plan to go back later. Little did we know we wouldn’t be allowed to. Sooo many people tried to get into the Harry Potter area that they had to shut it down. They started handing out “come back later” tickets. We did not go back later.

Instead, we went on to Poseidon’s Fury, Jurassic Park and saw a few shows. After the Sinbad stunt show, we got stuck in people. We literally got stuck in people. So many people were leaving that show, walking down the sidewalk and trying to get into the Harry Potter section that a mass of people just stopped moving. We couldn’t understand how it happened. I’m a short person. I’m only 5’2 1/2 (yes, I put the half in there) and I was standing behind what seemed like a 7 foot man. I kept basically grabbing his ass. All because my family piled up behind me because I can get through crowds pretty easily. This crowd was different. I got really anxious. I hated being stuck like that. My dad would say go and I’d yell back “Uh, Dad I can’t see. There’s a giant man in front of me.” The giant man turned around, looked at me and laughed. He apologized for being so tall. I said he didn’t have to apologize, he just needed to use his tallness for good. He said he couldn’t see what was going on. Seriously?! After about 15 minutes of just being stuck to everyone around me, I got angry. I just told my family to hold on and I pushed through about 5 feet of people. Then we got stuck again. It was INSANE. Sooo many people, that don’t speak English, all trying to shove into the same area. It was so stupid. I had never been surrounded by so may stupid people in my entire life. We finally got through. Then it was over. I wanted to get the hell out of there.

We left the park pretty early that afternoon, then headed over to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. It was AMAZING! Such a great way to end our trip. I was so happy afterward :) Then we went back to the condo to rest up for the 19 hour drive back to Texas the next day. It was easier. I also had to drive for 6 hours instead of 3 hours like on the way there. ha. My dad was tired. I trusted myself more than I trusted him to get us back home. We made it safely. I was happy with my Christmas :)


What’s the longest drive you’ve ever made?

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