Sep 9, 2013

I'm joining late...

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This is my first post in the Blogtember: A September Blog Challenge. I took this short personality test. My outcome: ESFJ. It's amazing how just a small amount of questions can size a person up. I actually agree with the analysis! I especially agree with the career choices for my type. Apparently, I would be great at management, healthcare, or social services. Good thing I've spent the last few years in healthcare. More specifically, the last threeish years in healthcare management. I recently left my job pretty much running a doctor's office because I wasn't being recognized or appreciated for my hard work. I am going to finish school to get a degree in what I've already been doing so future employers will actually be willing to pay me more and give me a title instead of doing the work without any reward. I do love to help patients and be responsible for so much, but it really makes it all worth it if I am truly appreciated. As soon as I can save up some money and get a couple more basics out of the way I'll move forward to pursue a degree in healthcare administration instead of continuing with psychology.

Some fun facts! -- Famous ESFJ: Rachel McAdams. I like her :) A famous fictional ESFJ is Monica from Friends. I must say though, I am nowhere near as enthusiastic as Monica from Friends is about cleaning at home! You should see my desk at work though. It is always beautifully organized :D

Want to take the test too? I'd love for you to share your results!