May 31, 2012


Hi, I’m Vicki.

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I am:
the maker of fluffy things. Check out my Etsy Shop.

Hello 2 photo IMG_20131207_115908_zps92bd4f72.jpg

a mommy to a furbaby named Brody

 photo IMG_20121228_141834_zpsfbc37968.jpg

a big sister

Hello 4 photo sister_zpsdbede76a.jpg

an “Aunt” to my besties' babies

Hello 5 photo babies_zps8615b1d1.jpg

and the list goes on…

This blog will let you into my everyday life. It will be full of random thoughts, super fun pictures, awesome DIY posts, fluffy goodness and much more! I love creative people, so I hope when you read this you'll feel the urge to want to become friends. My goal is to at least make you smile, because you have taken a moment out of your day to spend some time with me and I really appreciate it

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