Apr 16, 2014

Mini Pops

I got to participate in Mini Pops by Pop Shop Houston. Even though it was a little rainy, it was a nice day! I got to meet some awesome makers and sweet customers.  The food was so yummy and we even got free beer!

I can't wait for Pop Shop Houston on May 3-4!!

Apr 9, 2014

Getting Ready

My next craft show is on Sunday. I'm trying to make sure I have some Easter and Spring designs ready! If you're in Houston this weekend I would love for you to stop by :)

Apr 7, 2014

My Typical Day

I have seen these hourly photo posts around and finally decided to do one myself. I'll tell you right now that my days don't tend too have many exciting moments to capture.  Sure I have plenty of stories to share but not much to show for it because it is against the law the share patient information and take pictures of patient's charts haha I get to sit at my desk all day Monday through Friday. Here it goes...
I usually wake up before my alarm. It's usually very annoying haha My giant painting makes me smile though. 

Brody gets to do his business when I'm done getting ready.
I clock in and start working at 8 am even though I usually get here early to eat breakfast and get settled in.

I get to sew at work in between patient calls :)
I make sure to take a few breaks during the day to go to the bathroom or just stretch. I always take the stairs. 

Work. Work. More work...

Lunch break! Food time and catching up on blogs or making reservations for afternoon tea :)

Back to work.

My window and spring decor.

Much needed break. I get to talk to a lot of nice patient's but there's plenty that think being mean gets them what they want. That's not how I operate!

Out of the office! 

Dinner. Sometimes I have breakfast for dinner.  This is some deer chorizo that one of my doctors made!


Shower time. I love my gray floral shower curtain. 

Painting my nails. I do this almost once per week.

I like to be in bed watching TV or a movie before sleep around 10. 

It's not an exciting day, but the little things make me happy :)

Apr 1, 2014

Favorite Short Haircuts

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

So I've been bored with my hair lately.  It got kinda long and it was annoying me so I chopped a few inches off yesterday! Pinterest has plenty of inspiration, so I put together some of my favorites. I really do love my hair this length.  I curled my hair today and loved it. Then I took the pup for a walk and it was humid and sprinkly outside so it got a little blah. Freaking Texas weather.  It was gorgeous yesterday! Oh well, maybe it'll be nicer tomorrow.