Jul 26, 2012

Etsy Favorites – Branches

My laptop is alive again!!!! I’m so glad my aunt’s boyfriend is a computer genius. Unfortunately, all my stuff was wiped. BUT thank goodness for Facebook and iTunes huh? There was a very small amount of information on my computer that wasn’t already saved somewhere out in the internet. I’ve got some tutorials and sneak peeks of new fluffies coming to the shop soon…so hopefully you’ll check back to see that awesomeness!
I was checking out more handmade goodness on Etsy yesterday and ended up doing a search on branches. Does anyone else love trees as much as I do?? I think they’re beautiful. I REALLY like the ones with hardly any leaves. Not sure how to explain why, I just think they’re so pretty. I also really like the giant full ones too. I guess the ones in between I don’t really pay much attention to. Sooo I thought I’d show off some of my recently favorited items. These shops are AMAZING.
heartnotincludedJewelry Tree by Heart Not Included
woodlandbelle Twig Bobby Pins by Woodland Belle
cozyblue Tree Pillow Covers by Cozy Blue
woodensage Branch Wall Hanging by Wooden Sage

I wish I had the extra money to splurge and buy pretty things for my apartment! My walls are still bare and it is just so sad. What amazing Etsy shops do you recommend I feature on my next Etsy Favorites post?

Jul 18, 2012

Austin Weekend

My laptop crashed!!!! It has been killing me not being able to update or follow other blogs as easily. I'm currently at work right now calling in prescriptions, so I have time to type and talk at the same time. haha I thought I'd share my AMAZING weekend with you :) I love visiting Austin, TX. My bestie, Mel (who is also my Wifey - we've decided if we are not married by age 40 we're totally marrying eachother and becoming super awesome roommates) lives there and introduced me to her group of friends a couple years ago. I love them all and get so excited when I get to take mini vacations up to Austin to see everyone :) This weekend was my friend Chuck's birthday!
It just so happens that Chuck's birthday is also my furbaby's birthday! He is now 5 years old! I can't believe it :)
We went downtown Friday night. We got free drinks because my wifey knows super fun peeps!
Don't we look like we had so much fun? We TOTALLY did. I hadn't been able to visit since I went to SXSW in March! Seeing everyone was so great :D Where is your favorite mini vacation place?

Jul 5, 2012

Etsy Favorites – Jewelry

I’m sitting here singing along with Alex Clare and surfing Etsy. I decided I should share some of my favorite items with you! Are you in love with Etsy like I am?? A couple of years ago, my friend introduced me to the site and I basically never left it. ha. There are so many super awesome things to discover. I’m amazed at the talent I come across. It really inspired me to be crafty :)
I’ve recently gotten really into accessories. I’m completely obsessed with watches and bracelets. Although, I’m proud of myself for having some great self control I’m sort of sad every single time I deny myself such pretty things. Today, I’ll show off a few things on my wish list of jewelry that I WISH I could own. If anyone wants to surprise me with presents I would TOTALLY love you forever :) On to the awesomeness…
SimplyYouJewelry super cute bracelet by Simply You Jewelry

wood bracelets by Threads
Moncadeau stackable rings by Mon Cadeau
RoseAndRaven owl necklace by Rose and Raven
ThirtySixTen wing ring by Thirty Six Ten

See anything you like? Are you a fabulous jewelry maker that likes to give out free presents? 

Jul 1, 2012

Sunday Confessions - Kindness

My first Sunday Confessions post is about kindness because I think so many people forget how to be kind. I run a doctor’s office. My doctor specializes in headaches and migraines but treats general neurology as well. If you know anyone that has migraines, or if you experience them yourself, you know how awful they can make you feel. Some people can’t even function while suffering a migraine. Well, I see these people all week. When they get made because they have to wait too long, they want their meds, they want an earlier appointment or they just want some letter for work excusing them from missing too many days because they’re in pain…they are not usually kind. This type of rudeness or impatience is SOMETIMES understandable. They are in pain. I get it. I’m in pain too sometimes, but I’m not going to be mean to everyone I encounter.
It gets VERY frustrating when all I do is say hello when a patient walks into my office or I answer the phone and right from the beginning the patient is mean. What the hell did I do to you? Answer the phone too nicely? A lot of the time, it isn’t even the patient that is mean. It is their spouse, parent, sibling or whatever loved one is taking care of things for them. People yell at us for not giving them medication refills when we haven’t seen them in the office in two years. People yell because we can’t schedule their appointment sooner than next week because the doctor is OUT OF THE STATE.  People yell because they had to hold for two minutes and fifteen seconds while we tend to the patient that is standing in front of our desk. People yell just because that is all they know how to do. No one taught them to be kind.
I thought it was common knowledge that when you’re kind, people like you more. People are way more willing to go out of their way for someone that was kind to them. Sometimes I get so angry with patients that I tell them just because they were so rude I’m not going to be in any rush to help them. Man are they willing to apologize and make my day then. I really do appreciate the people that call back after they realize how ridiculous they were and apologize. It really is nice. My favorite patients are the ones that are sweet and kind from the start. They say please and thank you and they understand how much we deal with. They’re wonderful. They are the patients that I go out of my way for. They are the patients that get their charts piled on top of the mean patients in my stack of things to take care of.
I work for one of the best headache specialists in the country. As busy as he is, he only has myself and my coworker running his office. It can get crazy sometimes. When a patient comments on how nice, helpful or organized we are it makes my day! The fact that someone actually appreciates what I’m doing for them is the best thing EVER. Some patients even send thank you cards or little gifts. It really is the sweetest thing. I especially love that my boss – one of the smartest and busiest people I’ve ever known in my entire life – says thank you to me before I leave EVERY SINGLE DAY.
After all of my complaining about the meanness I deal with almost daily, I really hope you get how important kindness is. When someone is kind to you it makes you want to be a little more kind to others. Everyone needs to spread that around a bit more.
What kindness did you experience today?

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