Mar 28, 2014


I am 26 years old today. I am grateful for the people and all that I have in my life :)  Looking forward to some adventures this year!

Mar 25, 2014


A Beautiful Mess  shared this awesome challenge. It's pretty much a daily log of what makes you happy. All you do is post a picture to social media each day of something that makes you happy.
My first picture was of my baby fan and polka dot mug full of frozen yogurt. The AC went out at work so I was super excited when my supervisor reminded us we still had ice cream from our department's party. I think it will be nice to really make sure to document happy things each day. Focusing on the good will make me grateful for the little things. 

Read about the challenge here. Follow my #100happydays on instagram @_itssooofluffy

What made you happy today?

Mar 14, 2014

Fluffy Friday

I'll be happy if I my body let's me sleep until 8 am :)

Have a great weekend!

Mar 13, 2014


I love that I get to sew at work :) I've been working on some custom orders and suggestions from my last craft show customers.  I showed my dad the super hero owls and he suggested I make the entire justice league. So I made aquaman and martian manhunter (never heard of him). Haha The green bay ones were a special request and she loved them so much she said she'll order more for some other babies!  It makes me so happy to create something for your little ones :)

Any suggestions for fluffies? 

Mar 4, 2014

St Andrews Spring Bazaar

This Saturday was so nice! The weather turned out to be pretty nice. Other vendors may disagree since their stuff was flying around a little haha Lots of sweet people, cute kiddos, and fluffy pups came by. The church had some awesome food cooking and even had some live music!

Thanks to everyone that came out to support handmade!