Dec 4, 2012

Ornament Swap


I signed up for my very first ornament swap! Candidly Clyde hosted the ornament swap, and I was so excited to participate! I had seen lots of snowflakes while checking out ornaments and wrapping paper at Target sooo I decided to attempt my own. I made a few simple circle ornaments with a snowflake on it, but I wanted to try out some lettering as well. It didn’t come out perfect, but I am still proud of it!

ornament exchange 2

I chose the word Joy because it is short and sweet.


What do you think about the snowflake? I am thinking of making some in lots of other colors and possibly listing them in my shop!

ornament exchange 3

I also found this super cute free printable! It is available in different sizes, so I cut out the large one and put it on a kraft paper card. I’m going to use the smaller sizes for gift tags :) I really hope my ornament swap partner, Kayla likes it.

Have you signed up for any gift exchanges this year?

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