Sep 25, 2012

DIY – Fall Wreath

Fall is here!!!!
I’m a little excited. Just a little. I’d be WAY more excited if it actually felt like fall outside. I’m in Houston, TX and we don’t get much cool weather here. At least not when we’re supposed to! Last week was pretty nice actually. didn’t immediately start sweating the moment I took Brody on his morning walk. It made me happy :) Now, we’re back to high 80s – mid 90s. Either way, I like to get into the Autumn-y spirit.
Do you love Pinterest as much as I do?
If so, you should TOTALLY check out my page by clicking that cute lil button over there on the side to check out all my awesome Pinterest finds! I work in a doctor’s office, so I’m on the phone a lot. I always have the site up on my computer so I can scroll through the awesomeness while I’m on hold with a pharmacy or something. Lately, I’ve been finding AWESOME wreaths such as this one, this one and this one! I finally decided to make my own. Then I got to Hobby Lobby and saw the twig wreaths are only $5! I then decided to make one for myself, my Grandma (Gma) and my Aunt Kathy :)
Here’s how I made them:

Supplies Needed:
Twig Wreath
Assorted Silk Flowers – colors of your choice
Hot Glue Gun
Hook to hang the wreath

Start by placing the largest flower on the wreath wherever you like. Then fill in the outer spaces with smaller flowers. Have fun with it, move them around BEFORE you start to put any hot glue. This way you can decide if you want to cover the entire wreath, only do one side, etc.

Once you have all the flowers placed on the wreath where you want them, get that hot glue gun ready! I decided to make mine like this. I think it looks nice. That class I took in college on flower arranging taught me at least a little! haha When you have your hot glue gun ready, just pick up a flower put PLENTY of hot glue on it and place it back where you liked it. Continue with all flowers. I found it best to start again with the largest flower then work my way out to the fillers, but you can decide what you’re most comfortable with.

Here’s my three wreaths. Mine is the tiny one in the top corner, my Gma’s is the huge one on the bottom right and my Aunt’s is the medium one. As you can see, I decided to change it up with each wreath I made. I gave my aunt double the sunflowers because she loves those. Attach your hook and hang wherever you’d like! My Gma hung hers above her dining room window. My Aunt put hers on her front door.

Mine is hanging on my front door of my apartment :) What do you think? I hope you find the time to decorate for this wonderful season.

What fall DIY project are you working on?

Sep 14, 2012


Is Halloween your favorite holiday?

 Mine is definitely Christmas, but Halloween comes in second. I'm slightly annoyed that Halloween isn't always on a Saturday. My favorite part is seeing all the little kids in their costumes. Sooo freakin' cute right?! Well, I work until about 7pm everyday AND I live in a small apartment complex so I'm sure I won't be getting any trick-or-treaters this year :( I also live right behind a church, so I'm guessing they won't be celebrating. I definitely will put Brody's pumpkin t-shirt on pretty much the entire month of October though. haha That's probably the closest thing to a costume he will wear. He doesn't like a lot of puppy clothing. The only thing I've really done to get ready for Halloween is craft some new fluffies for the shop! So far, they've been great sellers in my office! They've just been listed in Etsy so you should definitely check them out!

What have you done to prepare for Halloween? What are you going to dress up as?? Let me know your plans so I can be jealous :)