Jun 4, 2012


This weekend was SUPER fun. It was also SUPER SUPER busy! My Saturday started slightly early because the lovely mailman decided to ring the door once and bolt within the 4 seconds it took me to get to the window (I get all my important mail delivered to work because I don’t ever fully trust the mail systems at apartments). I got to the window and no one was there, so I just figured it was a patient that didn’t know how to read our “DON’T RING THE DOORBELL WHILE WE’RE AT LUNCH” sign. Okay, it doesn’t really say that, but that just sums it up! When lunch was over, I saw the tiny postcard they leave that says I didn’t answer when they attempted to make their presence known. LIES! He just didn’t give me time to get there! ANYWAY, I had to go to the post office. I’m not a huge fan of going to the post office, especially one I’ve never been to before. BUT it was my Aunt’s birthday gift SOOO I had to go because I was seeing her Saturday. Turns out that post office is FANTASTIC! They were so quick, the people were incredibly nice, and I was super happy :)

LOVE getting mail
This little package contains a SUPER cute peace ring from HeartCoreDesign. I completely forgot to take a picture of it after I opened it and before I wrapped it up!
new dress
After my fun post office experience, I decided to have a fun Target experience…I got a new dress :)
new shoes
Then I just couldn’t stop there. I HAD to go to Academy. Well, okay, my Dad forced me to go there … we went on a Hobby Lobby trip to find invitations for my little brothers birthday party. I didn’t drive (I REALLY don’t like to drive in my hometown – people are CRAZY drivers there) sooo I was basically trapped. ha. Turns out my dad didn’t find any shoes he liked, but I sure did! Aren’t they so pretty? My absolute favorite colors all together. Oh, and i don’t like those thick socks they have at Academy for you to use to try on shoes when you wear flip flops to the store, so I bought some just to use to try on!
ice cream
So we finally get to the party for my little cousin. It was his high school graduation celebration + 18th birthday celebration (his birthday was the very next day). I felt SOOO old! It’s awful when you can tell someone “I remember when you were THIS little”. There was wonderful BBQ, sorry no pictures to tease you with. I was incredibly excited when we got these little Blue Bells with our cake though! Vanilla is MY FAVORITE! I scraped off all the super sugary icing on my cake – I only like the kind of icing that tastes like whipped cream. I can’t get enough of vanilla ice cream though.
After all the yummyness, there was SINGING! My family loves to do karaoke. My Aunt’s boyfriend borrows some pretty cool equipment from his friend and we have a blast. These are my little cousins (Justin –bday boy- on the left and Chelsea on the right) singing “Somebody That I Used to Know”. They were pretty awesome.
This is my older cousin’s little girl, Sydney. Isn’t she freakin cute?! She was dancing her little butt off.
my favorites
After lots of alcohol and lots of singing…Me, Chelsea (basically my lil sis) and my Aunt Kat (basically my mom) peeking behind me. They’re a couple of my favorite people in the world :)

So that was most of my weekend right there. It was absolutely wonderful.
How does your family usually celebrate?

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