Jul 18, 2012

Austin Weekend

My laptop crashed!!!! It has been killing me not being able to update or follow other blogs as easily. I'm currently at work right now calling in prescriptions, so I have time to type and talk at the same time. haha I thought I'd share my AMAZING weekend with you :) I love visiting Austin, TX. My bestie, Mel (who is also my Wifey - we've decided if we are not married by age 40 we're totally marrying eachother and becoming super awesome roommates) lives there and introduced me to her group of friends a couple years ago. I love them all and get so excited when I get to take mini vacations up to Austin to see everyone :) This weekend was my friend Chuck's birthday!
It just so happens that Chuck's birthday is also my furbaby's birthday! He is now 5 years old! I can't believe it :)
We went downtown Friday night. We got free drinks because my wifey knows super fun peeps!
Don't we look like we had so much fun? We TOTALLY did. I hadn't been able to visit since I went to SXSW in March! Seeing everyone was so great :D Where is your favorite mini vacation place?


  1. Haha looks like fun!I am glad I found your blog!!
    Love Your blog title