Feb 4, 2014

Weekly Thoughts and Motivation Project - Week 6

1. What life lesson have you had to learn the hard way?
- I have learned that just because you are great friends that doesn't mean you will be great roommates.  I lived in San Antonio for a little while with someone that I am no longer friends with. 

2. Do 100 squats throughout this week.
- Easy. Done. Haha my workouts tend to incorporate this so I'm sure I've been doinfg over 100!

3. What are you reading currently? What do you plan on reading next?
- I'm currently reading The Shining by Stephen King.  Loving it. I plan on reading the sequel when I'm done.


  1. That lesson is so true! I know 100 isn't that many spread out over a week lol....maybe we'll revisit the squats in a later month and up the challenge! :) The shining is a great book, he really knows how to rope you into a story too!

    Hope you have a great week Vicki!

    1. Haha sounds good. I did 60 just yesterday!

  2. Congratulations on doing well on your workouts! That sounds great. I really should focus on motivating myself to work out more. At least a few times a week, to start out with. (They say it takes 28 days to make a habit?) Anyway, I don't think I would ever really want to live with one of my close friends, either. I love my friend Zoe to death, but we would be terrible roommates. We just have two completely different lifestyles, and I think we would end up killing each other, haha.

    1. Thanks!! Definitely starting out slowly is a good idea.