Sep 16, 2014



I finally got to visit New Orleans!! Selina and I decided on a fun weekend away for her birthday. She's been to New Orleans before, but didn't get to have the whole experience. We left early Friday morning and got there about noonish. We got to check in early! We stayed at the crowne plaza right on canal and bourbon. We immediately wanted something awesome to eat. We decided on a little bar down the road. We had alligator sausage po boys! They were so damn delicious! Friday was her birthday so I told her to pick dinner. Of course, she wanted nasty oysters! I like oysters if they're fried or baked. I can't eat that gooey mess haha We went to Acme for dinner and it was pretty good. The rest of the trip we basically walked everywhere and ate as much as our tummies could handle haha 

A few shop workers and other locals directed us to some great places. Everyone was super nice! My favorite place was Petite Amelie. It's a cute little cafe. It was the only place we went to more than once. I also really loved Cafe Du Monde! It was so yummy!  My favorite purchase was my owl purse!! I didn't even see it until my friend pointed it out. It is handmade! I absolutely love it :)

It was exhausting but totally fun. I would really love to go back!

Have you ever been to New Orleans?






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