Nov 20, 2012

What I’m Thankful For

I haven’t kept up with everyone on the daily thankful posting BUT that doesn’t mean I’m haven’t been thankful for things…

Today I am Thankful For:
-Family: My gma called me today to ask me if she should make broccoli cheese rice or green bean casserole. She said if I wanted both she would make them both. Of course I said both! She will go out of her way for me. She’s one of my favorite people in the entire world. Coming in at a close second would be my Aunt Kat (pretty much my mom) who loves me just as if she were the woman that gave birth to me. My dad (grumpily) went out of his way on his birthday to attend my very first craft show (huge deal). I love my family because they love me so much!

-Friends: I have a few friends that have become family over the years. I know they’ll be there for me no matter what and I will definitely be there for them no matter what. Because of these friends, I have SUPER cute little nieces and a nephew that I am so happy I get to spoil when I get the chance to :) One of my besties and I even have a pact – if we’re not married by the time we’re 40 we are totally gonna marry eachother. Ladies MUST be able to marry eachother in another 20 years!

-It’s Sooo Fluffy: I am so thankful that I have found that I have the ability to create things I love. Something that started out as just a fun little hobby has turned into a small business. I love being able to relax through my sewing. It makes me so happy to see someone smile because of something I created.

-Brody: My baby! He’s the cutest, sweetest, most wonderful dog in the entire world (yes, he’s even better than your dog!). I picked him out when he was a tiny 4 month old puppy. He is lying right next to me 5 years later :) No matter how many human babies I may have in the future, Brody will always be my favorite because he was the first.

-Experiences: I am extremely thankful for the life I have had. Now that I’m older I am grateful that I didn’t have it so easy all the time. Being the oldest sibling by 11 years made me grow up a little quicker and become more independent. Not having my mother in my life for 18 years made me be even more grateful for the people who have been there all along. Having my gma and Aunt Kat as role models shows me the type of mother I want to be when I have children. The REALLY tough stuff like paying bills and working for what I have makes me very grateful for everything I own.

These are things I am grateful for every single day, but I’m choosing today specifically to share them with you. I truly hope that all of you have friends, family and experiences that make you a better person.

What are you thankful for today?

Julie Ann Art


  1. My pooches are my babies too! I'm so thankful they are always there for me when I need a good snuggle. Great list, happy to link up with you through the link party! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Furbabies are the best! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  2. Sounds like you have a pretty good grandma! :)

  3. It's always nice to take the time to stop and actually think about what you're thankful for. I did a post like this for Thanksgiving, too, but now, around Christmas, I realize how blessed I really am to have such wonderful family members and such fantastic friends. It sounds like you are in very much the same situation--that you are surrounded by those who love you. I hope you were able to celebrate Christmas with the same people you mention here, and I hope that you had a fantastic, merry holiday!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you had happy holidays too :)