Jan 10, 2013

2012 Disney Family Vacation – Epcot

Did you have an awesome Christmas?! I sure did. My family took a 19 drive out to Florida to spend 7 days of Disney awesomeness :) I seriously thought I was going to die on the drive out there. We left about 4:30pm from Houston and made it to the condo in Kissimmee, FL at about 11am. We pretty much drove in the dark the entire way. It was AWFUL! My dad drove most of the way. He finally got tired around 2am so it was my turn. My eyes hurt from staring into the darkness. Also, driving the speed limit (which was usually around 75mph) was SCARY! I was convinced a deer would leap out in front of us and we were all going to die. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. We would also later find out (on the way home) that Florida puts up gates alllllllllll along the trees on the highway to prevent that very thing from happening. Pretty awesome. Why don’t we do that in Texas?

Since I got my new phone I got to get all the awesome android apps back! Instagram makes me happy :) You should totally follow me: @vmarie4444

Here’s some shots of our first day of Disney awesomeness: Epcot.
It was pretty awesome there. Very interesting and informative. Had AMAZING Japanese food. Found my most favorite cup I’ll ever own in my entire life (I’m sure of it). We also experienced a ride that we will NEVER EVER ride again if given the chance. Mission Space. OH MY GOSH. It was pure hell. It’s a simulated spaceship ride to Mars. Of course we didn’t think anything of it when they said pick a less intense version (green line) or the more intense version (orange line). We went through the orange line. BAD IDEA. We continued to warn people to not get on that ride every chance we got when chatting up nice strangers during the rest of the week. ha. I’m so not meant to be an astronaut.
Have you been to Disney Epcot??

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