Jan 31, 2013

2012 Disney Family Vacation – Universal Studios

universal studios

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Not only did we get to go to all four Disney theme parks, but we ALSO got to go to both parks at Universal Studios Resort. We were some exhausted but happy people. As you can see, I got to meet some fun characters. I was SOOO happy to see Scooby! Actually, I cut Shaggy out of my picture because he looked kind of weird. The Simpsons were pretty cool. They were so HUGE though. haha I walked up to them and was like damn. I know I’m short but jeez. The Mummy ride turned out to be our favorite. It was pretty awesome. Plus, we were freezing so the fire during that ride felt so great. I was incredibly disappointed that we missed the minions though :( They only had two specific times for them to be out taking pictures. We missed both of the times due to waiting in line for rides. Our poor feet! It was bad. While we were walking around it wasn’t a huge deal, but as soon as we had to stand in a line it was like they were dying. Even though we missed seeing the giant minions to take pictures with, we did get to go in the “ride”. It was hilarious. Then I saw a shirt that had my shop name on it! That made me smile :) And my gma bought me a little stuffed minion!

Is one of your dreams in life to meet the minions?

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  1. Vicki I think you really enjoyed your vacation with your favorite cartoon characters. I want to meet all of Disney characters like minions, Mickey, Flintstone, Scooby, etc.