Jun 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

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Happy Fathers Day to all the great dads out there!

I came around when my dad was just 18 years old. That's why people always have a hard time believing he has a 25 year old daughter. I was the teeny baby he was holding in his high school graduation pictures. I know it was tough and scary. Not many 18 year old guys can handle that. Not many 18 year old girls can handle it either. I'm so happy my dad wanted me so bad because my mom didn't. She left us.

With the help of my amazing Gma and close family, my dad raised me by himself. 11 years later my lil brother, Noah was born. A couple years after that, Jake was born. My dad didn't choose a great woman the second time around either so he does so much for my brothers on his own. Even though he sure can drive me crazy, I know I am a a strong person because of him. 

He is actually making me and my brothers breakfast as I'm typing this haha pretty sure we should be doing that for him. Oh well. He loves to cook! We've always been grateful for that :) We are going to see Man of Steel this afternoon! Then we're going out to eat. Should be a nice day!

Are you doing anything special for Father's Day?




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  1. oh wow! well done your dad! He's pretty much amazing! really! love him, and take care of him! :)