Jun 11, 2013


My last post mentioned how much stress I've been dealing with at my job. Well, a few days ago I got a great job offer! I'll be getting paid the same to do WAY less work! AND I'll have benefits!! AND it is FIVE minutes from my house! FIVE MINUTES!!!! I'm currently driving an hour each way to work in the lovely Houston traffic. 

I was invited to interview for a scheduling position. I went in and totally loved the managers. They are so nice! I followed up with a nice email (which you should always do after an interview) thanking them for meeting with me and letting them know I am really interested in the position. The super awesome manager said she loved meeting me too and if I was interested, there was even another position available at their other closest location (ten minutes away from my house). She said I didn't have to say yes, but if I would like to interview for it she would get me in. I was like um YES please. I went in for that interview, and the job was okay but I really preferred the scheduling position. Basically, I would get to talk to people on the phone all day :) I wouldn't have to see patients. I wouldn't have to deal with insurance companies. I wouldn't have to do payroll. I wouldn't have to hire/fire people. I wouldn't have to ... well, I wouldn't have to run a freakin office and not get paid enough for it. After the second interview, I emailed the super awesome manager again saying thank you. I couldn't believe how helpful she was being. A few days later, my boss told me he couldn't believe I hadn't found a new job yet. He said I should have been hired for five different jobs already. This rubbed me the wrong way. He always manages to talk down to you. So I emailed the super awesome manager asking how the search was going and reminding her how much I loved the position and how I would love to be a part of her team. She replied quickly letting me know they should have a decision in a few days. The next day I got a call from HR letting me know how much the manager loved me and would like to offer me the position. WOO!

I'll be working for an office owned by a major hospital system, so I have to go through a lot before my first day: background check, drug testing, physical, orientation, etc. So my last day at my current job will be June 26th! I'm super excited about this new opportunity. My current job requires way too much of my time and energy with basically no reward. I LOVE helping my patients. Most of them are so wonderful. I was packing up some of my stuff in the office yesterday and the lil gifts from patients make me smile :) I'll miss that. Some patients are sad that I am leaving. So many reps are upset that I'm leaving too. They even tried to talk my boss into giving me more money! ha. The new job will open so many doors. It is so easy to move up when you're already in the system of a big hospital. It will be so much better for me in the long run. 

I'm so glad I kept reminding that manager how much I wanted the job. :)

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