Feb 5, 2013

DIY Super Easy Business Card Holder


I recently got some super awesome business cards from Moo! I heard about them from Lindsay over at Hello Hue. She has some super cute cards, so I figured I’d try them out. They’re pretty freakin great. Cute and fun and really simple! I love polka dots. Seriously LOVE polka dots. I also really love black and white. Sooo, my design is really simple but it makes me smile :) All of my fluffies are pretty bright and cheery so I like the simple design of my branding. Anywho, I really liked that they’re made out of recycled materials. Go green! I decided the lil box the cards came in could be made into a sweet business card holder! Sooo, if ya decide to check out Moo and you get some cards I suggest you grab some washi tape and have fun with it!



washi tape (mine is from Target)


kraft circles




I started by just wrapping some washi tape around the cute little box.


I grabbed my skinny Sharpie and wrote on one of the kraft circles (okay, maybe I wrote on four of them until I was happy with my handwriting).


Then I glued that sucker right on the front! I made one out of the top of the box and one out of the bottom. The one on the right is sitting on my desk at work now :) I’ll use the other whenever I need it. 


See! Told ya it was super easy. What have you made a business card holder out of?


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  1. What a lovely idea. I will definitely try to make one for my business cards.

  2. This is great. Beautiful holder for business cards. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Awesome idea for business cards. Thanks for this cute idea.

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