Feb 8, 2013

I’m going to color my hair tomorrow!


I’ve decided.

I’m turning 25 next month and I guess I’ve just been having a mid-mid-life crisis?! ha. I’ve been thinking of making a change in my job, moving to another city, finally finishing school, etc. Since I have a couple months left on my apartment lease and not enough money saved up (okay, like none) I can’t really do the big stuff yet. Sooo, tomorrow I’m going to color my hair! I’m super nervous. I haven’t colored my hair since sophomore year in high school I think. I checked with my besties (one of which has always been picky about what I do to my hair) and they all agreed that my choice of color would look good me. Thank goodness! Although, they suggested I do the color all over even though I just want some highlights or the ombre look. I’m very low maintenance with my hair so I don’t want to deal with roots or whatever. Also, it’s expensive to keep going back to touch up color! I don’t know how some of you chicks do it!

Here’s my Pinterest pics that I’ve been saving up for inspiration:

hair 2  via


hair 3 via


hair 4 via


hair 5 via


I’m going for a dark red. We’ll see how it turns out! Do you color your hair? How often?


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  1. Good luck! I am kind of terrified to dye my hair... but I love your color inspiration! Can't wait to see the resutls!

  2. LOVE the dark red! I hope you love it!!!

    I think I want to darken my hair just a bit and then create an ombre look. (Copper tones, not blonde) I'm getting married in April so I kinda feel like it's a BIG deal whatever I decide :)


    1. I do love it! I haven't had a chance to post pictures though! It is very dark, so it really stands out in sunlight. It's been a gloomy few days here in Houston BUT it is nice today so I may get a few good pics to post :)

      Good luck on deciding what to do with your hair for your big day!