Feb 21, 2013

I love polka dots.


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Do polka dots make you as happy as they make me? I swear, I can’t get enough! I picked six of my recent Pinterest finds to share with y’all. Most people are aware of my love (obsession) with polka dots. They’re just so nice! They make me feel happy and light. Look at that mustard shirt! How can you NOT be happy when you see a sun-shiny color like that?! And that peach scarf?! Freakin beautiful.


That’s me in one of my newest polka dot shirts. A huge thanks to my Grandpa Tony for getting me an Old Navy gift card. I haven’t shopped there in FOREVER. I went while I visited one of my favorite peeps in Fort Worth. Who knew Old Navy had such cute stuff?? I sure as hell didn’t. They even have accessories now! You better believe I bought a necklace AND two bracelets. I was also very tempted to buy this polka dot shirt in every color they had available…but I had some self control.

So what about you? Do you love polka dots? Or stripes? Or chevron? I’d love for you to share :)


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