Apr 11, 2013

Craft Show Display Inspiration

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I've only done one craft show so far and I absolutely loved it. My setup was pretty simple. I have a long table, some cute little wire baskets I painted silver and I even made some of those cake pan tier things (that totally broke and fell apart when I was packing up my display to go home). I've been invited to do Pop Up Shop Saturdays at Roundtable Goods here in Houston! I was so happy to receive that email! I only have a couple weeks to prepare. This time around I am really thinking of doing small crates painted in white with my wire baskets. I want to keep it simple so my colorful fluffies really pop. The ideal setup with be like #3 but it seems that would be pretty difficult to load in my car and setup at an indoor shop haha I'll keep it sweet and simple :)

Have you done craft shows or pop up shops? Any tips?

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