Apr 15, 2013

Pop Up Shop Saturdays - Roundtable Goods

It's official! It's Sooo Fluffy will be participating in a local shop's event. The sweet shop Roundtable Goods is hosting Pop Up Shop Saturdays through May. I was so excited to receive the invitation! I'm not at the point where I can pay monthly rent to have my items in the shop, so I was thrilled when Juanita contacted me about this great opportunity. Instead of committing to an entire month or period of months to have my inventory in her shop, I get to set up a booth on April 27 and work all my own sales. 

I'm currently working on lots of spring colored fluffies for the Pop Up Shop event. I also am setting aside a few fluffies because It's Sooo Fluffy is coming to a Midtown shop in Houston, TX! More details on that later :)

Any tips or advice for pop up shops? 

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