Apr 5, 2013

Happy Friday

I wish I could write like that. Do you have fancy handwriting? Mine is never the same. It's so weird. My handwriting depends on what type of pen I'm using, the mood I'm in, and how fast my boss is talking to me and I have to write every freaking thing down because I KNOW I won't remember 10 seconds later. 

Speaking of my crazy boss...WE HAVE NO PATIENTS TODAY! I love when he goes out of town! It is pretty rare, so I cherish these days. I'm usually pretty productive when we don't have patients to see, but it is Friday and I'm ready to get the hell out of here. 

Speaking of getting the hell out of here...I'm getting off work EARLY to drive over to Austin to see my favorites!! It has been way too long since I've visited. We will be celebrating my 25th birthday (even though I turned 25 last week) by hanging out, playing putt putt and drinking A LOT on 6th street. Can't wait :)

What are your weekend plans?

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