Jan 29, 2014


It seems like everyone is having babies or getting pregnant! I just wanted to remind all you baby crazy people that there are some super freakin cute handmade gifts over at The Tinderbox! If you are in the Houston area you should definitely stop by. The owners are super cool and they love the local artists. They have beautiful jewelry, amazing art, really cool home goods, and the cutest kids section (my fluffies are there!). There's even really fun workshops. I have wanted to sign up for a few but now that I live far I haven't been able to :( Before or after taking a look at all the handmade awesomeness, you should eat next door at Natachee's. YUM! I love that area and need to go by SOON! 

Where do you like to shop in Houston for the little ones?


  1. There are so many great gifts in general there! Thank YOU for originally pointing me to The Tinderbox!

    1. You are so welcome! I love seeing new things every time I visit the shop :)