Jan 21, 2014

Weekly Thought & Motivation Project by Sealed with a Kay

Sealed With a Kay

Have you checked out Kayla's blog? She lives in the Houston area too! She's super sweet and super awesome for coming up with this 52 week project. I am working on being more organized with this blog and my small business. This project definitely helps with that! Each month, Kayla posts weekly topics to talk about. I'm going to try to join in!

Week 3 (1/20/14)
  1. Messy or Neat? - I am a neat freak at work but I can get pretty messy at home. My messy is not folding or hanging clean laundry for a week. I HATE putting my clothes away. I'm not sure why haha I tend not to make my bed either. My pup is in my bed all day and I know he likes to snuggle under the blankets. This year I am determined to be neat at home too!
  2. On a scale from 1-10 how healthy are you? (10 being in great health) - I would guess I'm a 7. I've always been pretty healthy. I love healthy food (as well as some pretty unhealthy foot!). I've been HORRIBLE at working out though. I've recently posted about the fact that I'm sooo fluffy. Since Jan 2 of this year, I have been on a great schedule and I'm keeping up with it! I'm hoping to get closer to a 10 soon! 
  3. What can you do to improve your health this week? - I can continue doing T25 five days a week and continue with my 30 day yoga challenge. I need to keep up with my meal planning and portion control. I have been eating clean and natural foods! 

Would you like to participate in the Weekly Thought & Motivation Project with Kayla? Be sure to check her out :)

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  1. Great post, thank you Vicki! I've been feeling fluffy too, and taking nearly a week off being sick and lazy didn't help! Hopefully this week I'll get back into some form of a work out :D Glad you liked the project, I'm looking forward to reading your posts!